My experience with the dog walking Wag! app!

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My Experience With WAG!

Dog Walking and Dog Sitting App for Busy Dog Owners


I have a 13-year-old dog Cocker Spaniel, Mr. Coco. And as many people, I work full-time while Coco stays home by himself for a couple of hours. Occasionally Coco gets frustrated and bored, and amazingly I found the Wag App.  

They offer pretty flexible dog walker services with same day service. I usually book a 30 min walk for 3 weeks every other month. 

The reason why I'm so in love with the app, its because they have a GPS service that lets me know exactly where Coco is at throughout his walk. So that means that when I'm at work, I know exactly what he's doing for those 30 minutes. They send me a notification informing me when the walker will pick him up, and even a notification when he pees and poops!

If you book more than one walk, you are most likely getting the same walker for those scheduled walks! 
And on their app, you can order a Free Lock Box (similar to the one Realtors use) to keep your key in for your walker to open the door for pick-up and drop off. Only you and your walker will know the code. They will assign you a 3 digit number to open the lock box! I love mine is so simple to use. 

If you are as thrilled as me to use Wag! app use my code to get your first walk for Free! “Fabiola8311”.

I recommend any dog lover to use Wag! App

*This is a non-paid post, it's based on my experience as a user.

*Some pictures were obtained from Wag! app.